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Myths About Lasik Surgery

Millions of Americans need glasses or contacts to correct their vision. However, there are options available that can help you see better so you can ditch your frames and lenses for good. LASIK is one of them, and many have found the procedure rewarding and eye-opening – literally. If you have doubts about whether this is the way to fix your vision, these LASIK myths debunked may put your mind at ease.

LASIK’s Effects Fade Over Time

Some people believe LASIK is only a short-term fix, but the opposite is true. Once you get the procedure, your nearsightedness is permanently fixed. However, it doesn’t correct farsightedness, which comes naturally as you enter your forties and fifties– you may still need bifocals for reading and using a computer.

It Has a Long Recovery Time

LASIK does not have a longer recovery time. Although it takes around three to six months to fully heal from the procedure, recovery is fast, and you can resume your regular daily activities in as little as one or two days. As your eyes continue to heal, your vision will improve, and you’ll be happy with how you see.

It Doesn’t Work for Those with Astigmatism

Once upon a time, LASIK wasn’t appropriate for people with astigmatism. However, thanks to modern technology, that’s no longer the case– if you have astigmatism, you can get LASIK and see clearer than ever.

You Need to Be Over 21 to Get It

A common misbelief about LASIK is that adults older than 21 are the only ones who benefit from it. Although some people continue experiencing vision changes past 21, those 18 and over are good candidates. By the time you reach 18, your eyes are fully developed, and your prescription should be stable between that age and 21. This means that LASIK can work just as well for younger adults.

You Can Be Too Old for It

Another myth is that there’s an age limit to benefit from LASIK. However, many people in their forties, fifties, sixties, and even older get the procedure to see more clearly. As long as your eyes are generally healthy, you are considered a good candidate for LASIK.

It’s Painful

This myth most likely developed because people fear pain, but in reality, LASIK is painless. During your procedure, it’s normal to experience a sensation of pressure in the eye, but you shouldn’t have any pain or discomfort because the doctor gives you numbing eye drops ahead of time. If you have discomfort after LASIK, it can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication.

LASIK Is Too Expensive for Most People

Once upon a time, LASIK was expensive, but times have changed. Over the years, the procedure has become more affordable as more people have gotten it done. It’s covered by many insurance carriers, which makes it cheaper. However, even if it’s costly for some, there are financing options available that can help them pay for it.

Where to Seek LASIK Care

If you are in or near Hamilton, New Jersey, and would like to correct your vision with LASIK, visit the Campus Eye Group website to schedule a consultation today.

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