What Are the Side Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery?

If you are considering LASIK surgery, you may be thinking about possible side effects. At Campus Eye Group, we understand that most people consider this before scheduling a procedure. It’s always good to ask about side effects so that you are more knowledgeable about the procedure and comfortable before undergoing it.

The reality is that LASIK is a surgical procedure. All surgeries have pros and cons which need to be considered. First of all, it’s very important to discuss your concerns with your doctor before any surgery.

LASIK is considered to be elective. This is because patients can wear glasses and contacts to achieve the same visual results. While glasses can cause abrasions on your face and ears where the frames rest and contacts can cause eye irritation, the benefits of these items definitely outweigh the risks. This is also true of LASIK.

What Are Some Common Side Effects of LASIK?

1. Sensitivity to light is the most common side effect. Right after the procedure, most patients report some light sensitivity. This can last for a few days after the surgery, so patients are usually given sunglasses to wear home after the surgery.

2. Eye discomfort is also another commonly reported side effect. Usually, about an hour after surgery, your eyes will feel a bit uncomfortable. Gradually this discomfort may begin to feel like an itchy sensation. Using chilled eye drops can help to decrease these sensations, which last for a few days.

3. Dry eyes are another common side effect. LASIK surgery affects the way that the eyes produce tears to keep the eye moist. One way to counteract this side effect is to use artificial tears.

4. Halos and blurry vision are also common. For most patients, their vision is not completely perfect immediately following surgery. Some blurry vision and visual disturbances, like halos, are perfectly normal. According to patients, the halos happen most often at night time in the days following the surgery. As your eyes heal, this side effect will subside.

Follow-up After Surgery

Due to these side effects, it’s important to go to all post-operative appointments. Your first appointment will be the day after the surgery. The second post-operative appointment will happen about a week after the surgery. It’s also important to follow any advice given by your doctor which may include using eye drops.

LASIK With Campus Eye Group

The majority of LASIK patients find that these side effects are not at all bothersome. However, it is always important to be educated about what you can expect following your procedure. For more information on side effects, LASIK surgery, or to see if you might be a good candidate for the procedure, talk to our friendly staff at Campus Eye Group in New Jersey.

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