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Visian ICL

If you are currently dealing with moderate to severe nearsightedness or astigmatism, you may have been told that LASIK vision correction, or other vision correction procedures won’t work for you. But that doesn’t mean that you have to continue dealing with the annoyances of glasses or contact lenses. The Visian ICL or Implantable Collamer Lens could be a treatment option that works for you. An ICL is a special type of lens, composed of bio-compatible, soft plastic and collagen, that is implanted into the eye to fix refractive errors. Visian ICL is another option, aside from LASIK or PRK, to help you see the life you love, without compromise. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of having ICL surgery with Campus Eye Group.

Visian ICL 

Flexible: Were you previously told you were not a good candidate for LASIK, or PRK? Does your prescription change too frequently to make these procedures cost-effective? Visian ICL is flexible to meet a wider range of vision needs than any previous procedure and the lens can be removed and upgraded as needed!

Simple: Once your Visian ICL lens is in place, it will be your little maintenance-free secret. No one else will even know it is there and you won’t have to do anything special to care for your new Visian ICL lenses except to take your regular good care of your eyes.

Safe: Visian ICL may be new to you, but it is not new to the ophthalmic field. More than 500,000 sets of eyes are seeing better today than ever before thanks to Visian ICL, including more than 100,000 clinical trial participants who routinely reported 99 percent satisfaction after their Visian ICL procedure.

Superior Vision: Rigorous Visian ICL clinical trials consistently deliver 99 percent participant satisfaction – including improved vision clarity and greatly improved night vision!

Speedy: Have 30 minutes to spare? Want immediate results? Visian ICL delivers!

Goodbye Dry Eye: Visian ICL uses only bio-compatible lenses, so it won’t cause dry eye that is so problematic in many vision improvement procedures.

Collamer. Collamer is the brand name for the Visian ICL collagen lens. You may recognize collagen as the same naturally-occurring protein that your body makes to keep your skin smooth and supple. Because Collamer is made of collagen and is bio-compatible, it will not trigger your body’s immune system response and thus carries no risk of resection.

It is also a naturally soft and comfy material so, once the lens is implanted, your eye won’t even know it is there. Best of all, Collamer has built-in ultraviolet light protection to protect your eyes without diminishing or darkening your vision in any way.

Here at Campus Eye Group in New Jersey, our goal is your complete comfort and satisfaction! We use a topical anesthetic plus a sedative so you can comfortably relax for your 30-minute lens insertion. One or two very tiny incisions allow us to implant your lenses quickly and accurately. We will apply a soothing gel around your eyes to protect your eyes completely while your lenses are inserted.

When the procedure is complete you will be able to see better right away! After one or two days of light restricted activity you should be able to resume your regular daily schedule with no restrictions.

We will give you a prescription to fill in advance for eye drops. These drops will guard against inflammation or infection for several days after your procedure. Please plan to have a loved one accompany you to your procedure so they can drive you home. We will schedule your follow-up appointment within 24 hours of your procedure date.

Visian ICL can correct nearsightedness at moderate to severe levels. For this reason, it is important to have a relatively stable prescription for at least 12 months prior to your procedure.

Campus Eye Group in New Jersey wants to make sure every single patient experiences optimal results from their Visian ICL procedure.

You may be a good candidate if you are at least 21 and not older than 45, have only minor or no astigmatism, are not pregnant or breastfeeding, have never had eye disease or prior eye surgery, are not allergic to any medications used in the Visian ICL procedure and have healthy and appropriate eye structure and tissue health.

Visian ICL is a popular and well-tolerated procedure that delivers consistently high patient satisfaction ratings. However, there are always risks with any invasive procedure (procedure requiring incisions), including the possibility of infection at or near the incision site(s). There is also a slight risk of over/under-correction of your prescription. If this occurs, your lenses may need to be removed and replaced. Some patients have reported post-procedure vision issues including the presence of halos in bright light situations.

Announcing Visian Toric ICL

Campus Eye Group is proud to offer our patients the newly FDA-approved Visian Toric ICL lenses as well as the standard Visian ICL lenses.

What Is Different About Visian Toric ICL?

The Visian Toric ICL is designed to treat astigmatism as well as myopia (nearsightedness), a benefit the original Visian ICL lens was not designed to provide. Until Visian Toric ICL, patients with astigmatism have had few viable options for permanent, low maintenance vision correction.

Is Visian Toric ICL As Effective As Visian ICL?

In a word – yes! More than one-quarter (120,000+) of the Visian lenses (500,000+) that have been installed in patients to date have been Toric lenses. A whopping 75 percent of Toric patients report vision improvement to match or exceed what they experienced using glasses.

Does Toric have advantages over other corrective vision procedures?

Absolutely. Each Toric lens is tailor-crafted to the individual patient’s vision needs. As such, no two Toric lenses will ever be precisely the same.

Toric ICL lenses can be easily removed at a later time if your prescription changes and you need to upgrade.

Most importantly, Toric ICL lenses can help even patients with astigmatism to see clearly and vividly – an advantage few other corrective procedures can provide.

Visian Torik ICL can also be used if you are not a good candidate for another procedure such as LASIK due to dry eye, a thinning cornea or a high eye prescription.