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Contact Lens Complications

Contact lenses provide countless advantages for patients, allowing people with eye problems to see clearer, and attain more natural vision without having to wear bulky glasses. Despite their inherent value, contacts are not free of risk. You have to follow the instructions carefully to ensure no health complications arise. It is important to remember that your eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the body. 

Common Complications

There are quite a few complications and conditions that have the potential to develop through the use of contact lenses. Everyone who has contacts is prone to these issues even with proper use. Here are a few common contact lens complications patients may suffer from.


It is not out of the ordinary for contacts to exacerbate a user’s allergies. Instead of allowing allergens to flow freely, contacts can trap these particles next to the eye. In order to treat these allergies, our doctors recommend that patients switch back to their glasses temporarily. It is also helpful to use artificial tears and to avoid touching your eyes. If you’re experiencing unmanageable irritation because of allergy season, feel free to schedule an immediate appointment at one of our offices.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis

Giant papillary conjunctivitis or GPC, occurs when the eye is irritated. This condition causes a host of different symptoms including bumps within the eyelid, itchy and red eyes, discharge, sensitivity to bright lights and even complications in vision. In order to treat this complication, you have to stop wearing contacts for many days. From there, our doctors will determine whether a new cleaning solution or prescription lenses are required.

Corneal Abrasion

Any scrape on the eye is known as a corneal abrasion. This condition can develop without proper hygiene, from overuse, when lenses don’t fit correctly, or from sleeping with contacts. If you continue to wear contacts with a scratched cornea, the condition can worsen quickly. This may ultimately result in a perforation or scar. Our doctors will offer a personalized solution to the problem depending on the severity of the abrasion. This treatment plan may include eye drops and antibiotics to defend against an infection.

Contact Lens-Induced Acute Red Eye

Contact Lens-Induced Acute Red Eye or CLARE is an inflammation that develops from the use of contacts overnight. This can cause sudden irritation and eye pain. In order to treat this complication, you have to stop using contacts and place artificial tears in your eyes until they are healed.

Dry Eyes

Scratchy, irritated, and dry eyes are common complications experienced by people who wear contacts. In order to treat this condition, our doctors will provide you new lenses and ensure that the contacts fit properly.

Our practice is dedicated to helping patients correct these common complications. You can learn more about our services by talking with one of our highly-skilled experts.