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Emergency Eyecare

Certain eye injuries require immediate emergency care. It’s important to understand the symptoms and conditions surrounding an eye injury that may mean your vision is in jeopardy and that you need to seek the emergency eye care you need.  Listed below are reasons to seek eye care urgently:.

    • Losing sight suddenly
    • Pain and redness in the eye and surrounding tissues
    • Seeing circles or halos around lights
    • Getting new floaters all of a sudden
    • Bulging or swelling of the eye itself
    • Experiencing double vision
    • Sudden blurred vision that won’t clear itself
    • Eyelids that stick together when you wake up

Our physicians see patients with various issues that require prompt treatment. Here are a few of the most common ones:

Infections in the Eye

An eye infection can be dangerous and can worsen quite quickly. A common eye infection is pink eye. It does require immediate attention to keep it from spreading and causing damage to your vision. Common signs of an eye infection include itching, swelling, blurry vision, watery eyes, discharge, and discomfort.

Injuries to the Eye

When the eye sustains an injury, it needs immediate medical attention to prevent loss of vision or permanent damage. If you experience any signs of eye distress, make an appointment to have it examined immediately.

Exposure to Chemicals

Seek a doctor’s attention immediately if you have been splashed or sprayed in the eye with any chemical. Before going to the doctor, flush the area around the eye with water for 20 minutes. If your vision becomes blurry or the eye turns red after exposure to a chemical, seek emergency care immediately. Exposure to chemicals can cause severe damage to the eye and even lead to vision loss. Don’t wait to seek medical attention.

An Object Penetrating the Eye

Seek emergency eye care immediately if an object penetrates your eyes. Do not remove the object yourself as this could cause further damage. Don’t rub the eye either. Place an eye shield over the eye to protect it while seeking emergency eye.

We offer emergency care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.