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Kristia Mardones, O.D.

Kristia Mardones, O.D.

Dr. Kristia Mardones, a native of Central New Jersey, pursued her lifelong passion for optometry and embarked on a journey that led her across the country. She attended Pacific University College of Optometry in Portland, Oregon, where she not only focused on her studies but also actively participated in various student and charity organizations.

During her time at Pacific University, Dr. Mardones gained valuable experience through multiple internships conducted in different parts of the United States. Her internships included stints at Family Optometry in Chandler, Arizona, where she concentrated on vision therapy and pediatrics. She also worked at Gillette Optometry Clinic in Gillette, Wyoming, focusing on pediatrics and primary eyecare. In Fairfield, Connecticut, she practiced at Ophthalmic Consultants of Connecticut, emphasizing medical and emergency eye care. Her final internship took her to Fort Belvoir, Virginia, where she worked at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, specializing in primary and medical eye care.

Upon completing her Doctorate of Optometry, Dr. Mardones embarked on her professional career on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, where she dedicated seven years to practicing optometry. During this time, she primarily focused on treating a high volume of medical and pediatric patients. While practicing in Maryland, Dr. Mardones obtained her New Jersey license, showcasing her commitment to serving patients in her home state.

Dr. Mardones, now back in New Jersey, continues to treat patients of all ages, with a particular passion for pediatric care. In her leisure time, she finds joy in reading and cherishes moments spent with her family on the beautiful Jersey shore.