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Dry Eye

When there is inadequate lubrication or wetting of the eye, a condition known as dry eye exists. Although there is no cure for dry eye syndrome, we can offer a variety of safe and effective Dry Eye treatments.

Dry eye symptoms can be caused by aging, environmental pollution, hormonal changes, contact lens wear, certain medications and diseases, and over-use of the eyes looking at computer screens. These symptoms include:

    • Eye irritation that increases when exposed to smoke or wind.
    • A sensation of stinging or burning in the eyes.
    • Eye fatigue after reading even for short amounts of time.
    • Light sensitivity.
    • Sensation of having a foreign substance in the eyes.
    • Blurred vision by the end of the day.

Individuals experiencing any of the above symptoms should schedule a confidential consultation with one of our dry eye specialists at Campus Eye Group to determine which treatments can help to correct this problem.