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Choosing a Cataract Surgeon

If you want to address your cataracts with surgery, your first step will be to find the right cataract surgeon. Choosing a cataract surgeon in New Jersey comes down to trust, because ultimately your safety is the thing that matters the most.

Choosing a Cataract Surgeon New Jersey

When it is time to select a New Jersey cataract surgeon, it is important to consider not only the doctor but the doctor’s practice as a whole. Every practice is different, with some more willing to focus on customer service than others. You don’t have to be just another set of eyes to be operated on; many practices are ready to personalize your care the way you deserve. Always ask if your doctor regularly responds to patient questions via text or e-mail; these days it should be easier than ever for your doctor to answer your questions. Also be sure to review the facility the practice operates out of. Cataract surgery is a major procedure, and you will be best served in a state-of-the-art facility. Don’t accept a surgery center that isn’t clean and well cared for. If a surgeon is committed to excellence, it will show in how he or she cares for an office.

While the practice itself is important, the ultimate decision should reside with how you feel about the surgeon. It is worth researching the doctor’s reputation. There are a variety of resources to see patient reviews and discover any potential complaints that have been made. Finally, check the experience of your potential surgeon. While there are capable young surgeons out there, the track record of an experienced doctor is more likely to put your mind at ease before your procedure.

While your relationship with your cataract surgeon is important, more often than not your interaction will be with the doctor’s staff. That’s why it is so important find a surgeon with a staff that is responsive, friendly, and highly trained. You will interact with the staff frequently, so it is worth doing your homework to determine if they will be a good fit for you. Pay close attention when you interact with the staff for the first time. You will want to know if they are experienced in their roles and appear competent to do their job. An office with high turnover isn’t a good sign, so it is worth noting if the majority of the staff is relatively new. You should also take careful note of the attitude of each staff member. Are they pleasant when you meet them for the first time? Did they smile when you walked in the front door? Do they seem interested in your questions or concerns? Their attitude matters, because it is their job to make you comfortable heading into this surgery. If you aren’t comfortable interacting with the staff, you may end up going into your procedure without all of the information that you need. A polite, well-trained staff is another sign that the surgeon is capable and well-prepared.

The Campus Eye Group

At the Campus Eye Group, we are committed to great service and excellent eye care. We want you to have the best vision possible, and we will take the steps necessary to meet your needs. Selecting a cataracts surgeon is a big decision, but the experienced professionals at the Campus Eye Group are ready to put you at ease and get you the result you are looking for.

We pride ourselves on giving our patients the personalized care they deserve. To learn more, contact our office for a consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to show you that we have the best cataract surgeons in New Jersey.