Campus Eye Group Helps You To See The World Clearly

Good eye health is vital to ensure proper vision. It is recommended that you see your eye doctor at least once every year because vision and eye problems can change quickly especially in older adults. There are numerous eye diseases that need the care of an eye doctor who specializes in various techniques to improve vision. The experts are experienced in providing surgical procedures for diseases of the eyes.

About Campus Eye Group

Campus Eye Group is a highly technical, modern state of the art eye care center that is a leader in eye care and Lasik. They are a full-service ambulatory surgery center that offers Cataract removal and eye care for all types of eye diseases. The talented doctors have been helping patients in the New Jersey area for over 35 years. Their practice is a multi-specialty interdisciplinary eye care center that has provided exemplary service since it was founded in 1981. It is known as one of the most prestigious, and the largest, stand-alone centers in the nation. The professional staff consists of certified Optometrists, and board certified Ophthalmologists. These professionals deliver high-quality eye care, surgical and medical care, and optic service.

Lasik as it relates to dry eyes

The staff at Campus Eye Group combines their high-level specialist with the latest technology to provide patients with superior treatment and vision care. They specialize in Laser surgery, cataract surgery, diabetic eye disease problems, glaucoma, and more. Many people who wear contact lens will develop a disorder called dry eyes. This can also be a short-term temporary effect of Laser surgery for vision correction. If dry eyes exist before a Lasik surgery, the doctor will consider treating the disorder before the surgery. The treatment will keep you from being eliminated from the Lasik surgery.

Medicare makes eye care convenient for older adults

The Department of Health and Human Services has granted Campus Eye Group with a Medicare-certified status. This is beneficial to older adults who are sometimes reluctant to see their eye doctor because they lack the insurance coverage they need. Cataracts are especially common for senior citizens, and the friendly professional staff at Campus Eye Group have made their offices comfortable and relaxing for their patients. This is very important to older adults. Most Medicare plans have vision coverage.

Campus Eye Group accreditation

Campus Eye Group voluntarily participates in the quality assessment program that is set forth by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care. This is the leader in the accreditation of ambulatory health care services. Accreditation is achieved through the development of specific standards, and through their surveys program. A high level of commitment is one of the demands of accreditation. It challenges health care providers to find better options to offer their patients.

The best in eye health care, and Lasik, or other eye surgery is provided to the residents of New Jersey by the Campus Eye Group and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. They are conveniently located and easily accessible for some Pennsylvania residents. From minor to major eye problems, the specialists there are highly qualified to manage all diseases, and disorders of the eyes. They have all of the innovative technology and equipment to render top-notch service and care for your eyes or the eyes of your senior adult or child.

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