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Special Services

Middlesex County and New Jersey Eye Care Specialists
Also Serving Bucks County and Mercer County

Campus Eye Group & Laser Center is a leading New Jersey eye care practice offering a wealth of sophisticated treatments. Over the years, the practice’s optometric physicians have helped numerous patients enhance their vision by improving or managing their eye conditions. Campus Eye Group’s medical professionals have advanced training and expertise in a number of diseases that can damage the eye and decrease patients’ visual acuity. They perform thorough evaluations and examinations to precisely diagnose each patient, then carefully explain the available treatment options. The dedicated physicians help their patients choose the most appropriate treatments that will provide the best possible results.

As leading New Jersey eye care specialists, the physicians of Campus Eye Group understand that many patients feel anxious when presented with a serious eye disease diagnosis. This is why they take the time to thoroughly explain each disease and its likely progression, risk factors and available treatments. By working closely with the patient, they can develop a customized treatment plan that allows the patient to enjoy the best possible vision and quality of life.

Eye care services patients often inquire about include:

The physicians of Campus Eye Group also offer neuro-ophthalmology services to their Middlesex County and New Jersey eye care patients. Neuro-ophthalmology is a medical subspecialty focused on eye conditions that are related to problems of the nervous system, such as optic neuritis, optic neuropathy and optic disc edema, as well as vision impairment as a result of brain tumors or stroke.

In addition to performing treatment and management of eye diseases, the medical professionals of Campus Eye Group offer advanced refractive eye surgery procedures to patients from New Jersey, including those in Middlesex County, Mercer County, Burlington County and other surrounding areas. At Campus Eye Group’s elegantly appointed cataract and LASIK New Jersey offices, patients can undergo several forms of laser eye surgery as well as premium IOLs cataract surgery in New Jersey.