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Campus Eye Group – LASIK New Jersey – Patient Testimonials

Campus Eye Group & Laser Center has been serving patients in New Jersey, including Bucks County and Middlesex County, for more than 25 years. The highly skilled surgeons of Campus Eye Group offer refractive laser surgeries such as LASIK and PRK as well as treatments for serious eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

With their superb training and vast experience, the surgeons of Campus Eye Group are highly committed to patient safety, care and satisfaction. We are proud of the role we have played in restoring the vision and transforming the quality of life of so many of our New Jersey patients. For a small taste of the role laser surgery has played in the lives of our patients, please read just a few of the testimonials we have received from current and past patients.

joe“I should be the poster child for Campus Eye. I have to say, before having this procedure done, I was blind as a bat. I couldn't go anywhere without my glasses. I could not enjoy the pool, the beach and even being outside when it rained, not to mention seeing anyone that was more than five feet away from me. Now I see everything in a whole new perspective with a vision that I thought I would never have...PERFECT! It has changed my daily life and I would never ask to go back to wearing glasses again.

I choose Campus Eye because I have had trust in the doctors here for a long time. It is the team here that has made my life-changing experience become reality. From the day I walked into the door, having to have lasers done and putting eye drops in my eyes for pressure issues every day, to the day they told me I was able to have LASIK and would never have to worry about things again was remarkable.

The procedure went well, I had a little pain for a while, but as time went on, the pain went away and the vision continued to improve. Now I see great and can enjoy life without worrying if I'll be able to see or not. Now I just need to worry about where I left them damn sunglasses, LOL.

I want to Thank Desiree and Dr. Cohen for all that they have done and for working with me to make this procedure even possible to begin with. Without the faith and trust from you guys having in me, this may have never been possible and for that I THANK YOU!”

Joseph P.

will“LASIK was the best decision I could've made and choosing Campus Eye Group made the experience as comforting as possible. I have been a glasses/contact wearer for over 15 years and it has always made my life slightly more complex. I am a very active person and neither eye glasses nor contacts seem to be the ideal solution for me. Now, glasses/contact free I can be as active as I like without having to worry about my glasses falling off or losing my contacts.

From the very beginning the staff and the doctors were very knowledgeable and very caring. You could tell that not only would they take care of you, but they truly cared about you and wanted you to be happy. They were always very honest and answered any question or concerns you might have. Furthermore, they were friendly and offered advice as if you were someone they personally referred for the procedure themselves. This by far made this group stand out from the rest of offices that performed the procedure that I looked at.

The actual procedure was just as I was told it would be. There were no surprises and I never had one worry going into the procedure. I can honestly say I smiled going in and smiled coming out!”

Will Y.

“I wanted to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you. I had LASIK surgery 10/20/2011 with Dr. Stein and couldn't be happier with how the procedure went and the results. I knew after my pre-op appointments with Desiree and Dr. Cohen that I was in good hands and I was right! The staff at the Laser Center Office made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. Tara and Desiree were so friendly and comforting and made all my worries about the procedure go away. Dr. Stein, the nurse and Desiree talked and joked with me through the whole procedure, which took my mind off of what was happening. All three of them had me laughing and before I knew it my surgery was complete. I also want to thank Desiree for holding my hand. This process and procedure truly was pain-free. Overall, the staff at the laser center made this life changing procedure great and pain-free experience. Thanks Again!!

P.S. If you ever need anyone to advertise for Campus Eye Group I would be honored and proud to promote such a wonderful experience!!”


“Hi there... I can SEE you! haha. Sorry, I have been saying that now for the last two weeks because I am post-LASIK for two weeks and am so happy to be able to see! I honestly cannot believe this experience!

I have worn contacts and glasses for more than 10+ years and I was about to go for yet another eye exam to get my Rx renewed (not to mention purchasing new glass and contacts) when I saw the ad for Campus Eye Group. I have always wanted to get the procedure done, but was a little scared and anxious about how the results would turn out.

I have always heard the success stories from people that had the surgery as well as some horror stories (never from people who actually had it done; just from websites)... and I always feared 'what if I was one of those horror stories?' or 'what if my eyes are so different and I'm not a candidate?'

Well, I finally took the first step and called around for LASIK. When I called CEG, I was very impressed with the amount of time that was taken with answering ALL of my questions and hypothetical situations that I could think of (believe me — I was anxious!)

This is how simple the whole experience was:

Went in for my consult, was approved as a LASIK candidate, scheduled my surgery, went in for surgery (no pain at all) and was out 20 minutes later (tops) and went home. By the end of that night I was watching TV with full visual acuity. Post-op exam next day and I was expecting 20/25, but ended up with 20/20!!!

I honestly cannot express how satisfied I was and still am about Campus Eye Group. From the initial consult to my two-week follow-up, which was today, I have never felt alone or unsupported in this journey. I was able to call after hours with questions and was delighted to hear back from Dr. Cohen immediately.

The office staff is super knowledgeable (some had the procedure themselves) and have a great personality. My direct contact has mostly been with Dr. Cohen, Desiree and Tara (sorry if the names are misspelled), and they actually remembered my name and took time to see how I was doing! They have really helped with reducing my fears/worries since my initial phone call.

I have told everyone about this experience and am trying to convince everyone to get it done. I know most people say 'If I could do it, anyone can,' but I am more than 100% satisfied with the results and actually see BETTER than when I had my glasses on. There was no pain, but all gain (sorry if that sounds lame!). I love the freedom LASIK has already offered me and would highly recommend this facility.

Please feel free to reach out to me to hear more about my total experience and my continued improvement! Thanks again!!”


Former football star Jon Ritchie promotes LASIK at Campus Eye Group

john kruk
Former Philadelphia Phillies player and current analyst for ESPN, John Kruk, had his Lasik at Campus Eye Group in January of 2010.

trent colePhiladelphia Eagles star Trent Cole had his LASIK at Campus Eye Group in February 2007.

sharon“I live in Ireland and could have gone anywhere for my LASIK. I have a friend who is an executive in a well-known eye care company. I asked him who was the best and where he would go for his LASIK. Without hesitation, he said the best place was Campus Eye Group in New Jersey. It was well worth the trip!

cloverThank you Dr. Stein and Dr. Cohen.

It’s certainly true for me that ‘Irish eyes are smiling’ :)”

Sharon W.
Sligo, Ireland

jason“I used to wear contact lenses prior to undergoing LASIK with Campus Eye Group. I frequently travel by air and my lenses had a tendency to dry out during the flights. Coupling this with living in the hot and dusty climate of Dubai gave me a great reason to undergo LASIK. I was recommended the Campus Eye Group by some friends and so underwent the procedure during a visit to the US. I cannot praise the staff enough – they were extremely friendly, professional and made the whole process from glasses/contact lenses to perfect eyesight one smooth, calm and surprisingly short experience. My vision continues to be 20/20, I essentially never get dry eyes and I could never have expected better results. Many thanks!

—Jason, standing in front of the "Burj Khalifa" in Dubai, which is the tallest structure in the world (2,717 ft).


Winner #1 Gail S.

jennaMy story is about my niece, Jenna Keen. Jenna's a 19 year old freshman in college, living away from home for the first time in her life. Her journey to this point has been filled with challenges. At the age of four, Jenna was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in her leg, called Ewing's Sarcoma. Prior to finding the lump on Jenna's leg, she was a sweet little four year old girl, very outgoing and full of energy. Looking back, she's always been full of will and determination, which seemed to begin at birth. Shortly after Jenna was diagnosed, she was admitted into the hospital and life as she knew it would be changed forever.
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Winner #2 Tom D.

tomMy name is Thomas and I am a 23 year old man. I am a recent college grad and am just getting out on my own. I am learning a lot about being an adult; paying bills, feeding and clothing myself, getting to work, and trying to find someone to love (as Freddy Mercury would say). What I am learning is that there is a lot that goes into being a responsible adult and I have been pushed over the bow to sink or swim. I have never been more excited or felt more fulfilled. I am lucky that I feel prepared to handle at least most of it, and learn to handle the rest as I discover more about being truly independent. What does this have to do with Lasik? On the surface admittedly not very much, but vision has had a lot to do with how I view the world.
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Winner #3 David L.

davidIn April of 2008, my wife was diagnosed with a very rare cancer two months after the birth of our third child, Lana. Three days after entering the hospital to begin chemo she would be medically induced into a coma because her lungs were so riddled with cancer she was close to cardiac arrest. She would spend fifty-four days on life support and would battle three separate life threatening blood diseases and suffer prolonged fevers spiking at 105 degrees. She would endure a month of rehab before she was allowed to go home. She continued chemo as an outpatient and would sit for twelve hours a day five days a week at her oncologists. A month after being sent home (after 90 days in hospital) and enduring a twelve hour day of chemo she had a stroke and would spend another two weeks in the hospital.
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