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OptiLASIK in New Jersey and Middlesex County
Also Serving Burlington County, Mercer County, Bucks County LASIK Patients

Campus Eye Group & Laser Center is proud to offer OptiLASIK Laser Vision Correction to its New Jersey LASIK patients. OptiLASIK combines the latest, most advanced technology and highest quality standards into a LASIK procedure that protects patient safety and consistently produces optimum results. For more information about OptiLASIK, read the paragraphs below. (For a general overview of LASIK, visit our FAQs page.)

Customized Treatment with OptiLASIK

Unlike traditional LASIK, which corrects the eyes based on the patient’s eyeglasses or contact lens prescription, OptiLASIK tailors treatment to each individual eye. The system uses the latest, state-of-the-art laser, the Allegretto Wave Eye Q Laser, to produce both exacting diagnosis and precise treatment. Using the latest wavefront-optimized diagnostic technology, the Allegretto Wave Eye Q Laser creates a “map” of the patient’s eye. This map is as distinct to each individual as his or her fingerprint and allows for highly precise treatment. With this map, the surgeons of Campus Eye Group can go beyond simply reshaping the patients’ eyes based on their prescription and correct each eye’s one-of-a-kind quirks and characteristics.

Speed and Precision

opti-lasikIn addition to its personalized diagnostic capability, OptiLASIK offers speed and precision in the LASIK surgery process. Each burst of the Allegretto Wave Eye Q Laser lasts only billionths of a second, as much as 100 times faster than some other lasers. In addition, this revolutionary laser has a “spot size” of less than a millimeter, approximately the size of a pinhead. This small spot size, along with the highly detailed map of the eye, allows for the greatest possible surgical precision. In addition, in case the patient’s eye shifts during surgery, the OptiLASIK system includes eye tracking capability eight times faster than other lasers on the market, allowing for maximum safety.

With its ability to provide highly specific diagnoses and precise treatments, the OptiLASIK system allows the surgeons of Campus Eye Group to provide high-quality treatment to their New Jersey LASIK patients. In addition to LASIK in New Jersey, the Campus Eye Group surgeons also offer other procedures, including PRK and the Visian ICL implantable lens.