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Free LASIK Contest

LASIK Giveaway Winners 2013 – Campus Eye Group
Campus Eye Group is pleased to introduce the winners of this year's free LASIK Giveaway.

Campus Eye Group is giving back. We recently gave away FREE LASIK to a few deserving people who told us why they thought they should get their vision corrected for free.


Winner #1: Phil W.

Winner #1This story and accreditation is actually for my new husband. Five years ago I had my world turned upside down. My husband of 13 years left me and my three sons. He found a "better" life and we became a mere distant memory that occasionally he makes time to see his three beautiful boys. Despite the trials and turbulence of becoming a single mom with three kids it took me a little time to open my heart again to trust any man, for me but basically for my children. They not only were deserving of a man in their life but a man that would accept them, and love them as a father would. Date after, date...I became very discouraged with the all too familiar let down; I am not ready to be a dad. Then I'd be alone again. If only the men I dated and spoke to would meet these amazing boys I was trying to raise.... but no one even gave it a chance. Then January of 2010, this younger, handsome, brilliant man approached at an outing. We spoke most of the night and he asked for my phone number. Being guarded at this point I pulled out that "wall" and said "Listen I am a mom, I have three sons...I completely understand if that is a lot to swallow, so I do understand if you don't call". I gave him my number and we parted ways. I got a surprising call that very night by time I arrived home. This brilliant man said "How about we meet up next weekend, it's going to snow maybe the 4 of us can go sledding?" Ok, Mr. Wright (that's his real name) you got my attention.... and we spoke that whole week. That weekend came and it snowed, I am 35 minutes west of Philly, he lived over an hour away in New York City. This man kept that very promise and he traveled in the snow for a treacherous four hour drive to keep that promise. We went sledding, my kids were invited, and we went to Applebees. This was our very first date. Thru the upcoming months I struggled with the truth that a man could love me and my boys equally. It just seemed too good to be true. I won't lie I pushed him away for so long, so afraid to get attached... and he never faltered. He traveled to and from NY City even on work days just to see us. It was so hard for me to let go of fear and this man stood by me, he believed in us and most remarkable he loved us. He has been there for all of us, giving all he has had to make sure we were ok. From a roof over our heads when my two jobs didn't pay the rent, (while he lived and paid rent in NY CITY) he robbed peter to pay paul just to make sure we were safe and cared for. From the financial aspect of things down to joining in on school events for the boys, to doctor appointments, to birthdays, to holidays...OPEN ARMS for us is all this man has had. We were blessed last January when Phil asked not only me, but my boys to spend the rest of our lives together...and without a second to spare we said "Yes". We married in July with the boys beside us. He took every last dime this year to buy a beautiful home for the 5 of us, in a family neighborhood. Phil is the most extraordinary giving man I have ever met. Since I've known him, every year he says at bonus time "I want to get Lasik done this year", then soccer sign ups come, doctor bills, trips, and things for all of us come up and he takes care of first. Needless to say Lasik has become a mere distant "request" and this year he stopped saying it, because it seems impossible. I want so bad to give this gift to him from all of us. I heard your advertisement for this contest on the radio the other morning and had to attempt telling our story to see if it at qualifies as a winner. To us nothing will ever pay him back for what he has done for us. I have my family back and that is priceless. Please consider him. He deserves this more than anyone I know. Thank you for offering this opportunity. We want to thank him for being "The dad he didn't HAVE to be".

Winner #2: Krista R.

Winner #2Hi, my name is Krista and I know there are many people out there that need your help, and I believe I am one of them. My story starts 10 years ago, while going through a bad divorce, and having to take care of a 1 year old and 3 year old by myself. One day I was running my fingers through my hair and felt a very smooth spot on my scalp. It was the size of a dime. I did not know what was happening, but I let it go. The hair started to come back and I felt that it was a fluke and moved on. About a month later I found another spot, t his time the size of a quarter. I went to a dermatologist, and was told that I was losing hair due to stress. They started giving my Cortisone shots in my scalp. It hurt tremendously, but I felt it was worth it. Eventually the one spot became 2, 3, & 4, and then they met. So the quarter size spot was much bigger. They stopped giving me the shots after a year because it was not worth it anymore. I tried all types of medication, dealt with all the side effects, but unfortunately nothing worked. Fast forward 10 years, and now I have no hair on my body at all. I am told that I have Alopecia Universalist. This means that I do not have hair on my legs, arms, or head. Because of this, I no longer have eye brows or eye lashes. I am asked all the time if I have Cancer. I thank God every day that I do not, but there are times I think that if I did, and made it through, that at least my hair would grow back. I am told (by the Head of Dermatology at The University of Penn Hospital) that since I have had this auto immune disease for so long, I will never grow hair again. As women, our hair says so much about us and gives us confidence. I no longer have that. I wear wigs, but they are very expensive so I need to pick and choose ones in my price range. Insurance doesn't cover them because I do not have Cancer, even though I will never have hair again. I am telling you all this because no hair means no eyelashes. Eyelashes, used to mean to me that I could wear mascara and look pretty. Now it means that there is no way to filter the little particles that fly around in the air. I wear contacts and without eyelashes protecting my eyes, I get many particles landing on and under my contacts. Every time that happens, I feel like there is an elephant in my eye. The pain is horrible. If it happens when I am driving, I have to close one eye and pull over at the safest spot. Some say that I should just wear glasses and be done with it. The problem with that is, when I put them on, I have to slide the arms of the glasses under my wig and I get a headache from the pressure. If I put it on top of the wig, I risk ripping the "wefting" and then I have to pay for it to be fixed. I no longer wear sunglasses for the same reasons. I am ashamed to admit this, because I try to be strong for my three daughters, but I cry a lot. I don't let them see me, I want them to grow up strong and love themselves no matter what gets thrown at them, bald or anything else. When I cry, my contacts get cloudy and I have to put new ones in. There are only so many times that you can clean them before it is not worth it anymore. I go through them pretty quickly, and have to order more. Another cost that is not covered by insurance. My husband is a school teacher and I am a stay at home mom (ex-teacher). We have one income and 3 growing daughters. Our youngest will be going into kindergarten next year. The thought of getting lasik surgery is just that, a thought. I will not be able to afford it. My insurance doesn't cover any part of it. When I heard the radio advertisement about this contest, I thought this may be it. This may be meant for me. I am not delusional, I know many people will be trying for the free lasik surgery, but I hope you can think about my past 10 years of no hair, as well as the rest of my life with no hair, and make me the winner of this contest. Thank you so much for your consideration and I really hope that I hear from you with good news. The picture I am sending you is one where I have eye brows and eye lashes. I don't get my picture taken much now, so I had to pull one from a year ago. I still look the same, just no eyebrows/lashes. I am the one in the green shirt. Thank You, Krista Russell


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