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Free LASIK Contest

Free LASIK Giveaway Winners 2012

Campus Eye Group is giving back. We recently gave away FREE LASIK to a few deserving people who told us why they thought they should get their vision corrected for free.


Winner #1: Kristina S.

Winner #1I feel guilty even writing this, as I still have so much to be thankful for, but the peace of mind and added simplicity in my life that LASIK would give me would be truly wonderful. My husband of eight years passed away in March at the age of 31 from melanoma. His disease progressed in a mere 10 months, leaving my two small children and I in a world turned upside down. As we deal with the emotions of our loss, we are still trying to figure out our new routines and create a “new normal” in our daily lives.

Taking care of the children, the house, and still working as a teacher full time, I find myself looking for ways to make my life just a little bit easier. As I stay awake well into the night folding laundry or grading papers, I think of what it would be like to not be afraid of falling asleep with my contacts or fumbling around with my glasses.

Trying to get contacts into my tired, irritated eyes in the morning is something I would be so grateful to eliminate in my daily routine. I would love to not have to dig through the drawer to find my glasses when I need to check on one of the children in the middle of the night. Last but not least, it would be such peace of mind to not worry about budgeting for more contacts, solution, and new glasses. My prescription is -10.5, so no matter what I need to do, glasses or contacts are a must. I would be able to reap the benefits of LASIK throughout my day.

I know that I still have many wonderful blessings in my life and for those I am very thankful. Receiving the gift of LASIK would enable me to appreciate those things more fully and enjoy the added convenience in my life. The procedure is not something I could afford on my own, especially now as a single mother, so more than ever I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me here. Thank you so much for your giving back program and the hope you have given me and so many others. In times like this, it’s great to know that some companies still care.


Winner #2: Allen W.
Written by Angelique W.

Winner #2I want to tell you my brother’s story today. My younger brother, Allen, is 25. He was born deaf, and the doctors told my parents he would never be able to hear or talk. After a surgery and some great teachers, he worked his way through the school system and joined the Marines right out of high school. This was in 2005. While in the Marines, he did a tour in Iraq when things were pretty bad over there. After that, he toured the Mediterranean and Middle East stationed on a battleship. He turned 21 in Sicily, which seems pretty great, but he told us he missed his family and friends.

Since he’s been out of the Marines, he’s been juggling going to college studying “criminal justice” and trying to get back the time he missed while he was in the military. While most of his time is devoted to school, he also plays team dodge ball and competes in bowling leagues.

Allen and I both have vision problems, but I wear glasses while he tries to hide it with contacts. When he was in boot camp, they gave him these regulatory glasses that are unwieldy and he got picked on for having to wear them. I know that when he goes out for interviews in the police field, sometimes having imperfect vision is a detriment. So, I was hoping that his Christmas, he could win LASIK, and be able to go to his interviews felling like he isn’t going to be penalized for something so superficial. He has great experience, great mentors, and I think that having perfect vision would definitely help him get a great job in this terrible economy.


Winner #3: Dana S.

Winner #3When I was born in 1973, my fate was already sealed. By the time I was 10, my vision would blur; a miracle I would need to be healed. I heard of your contest today in the car, and since the purse strings are tight, I’ll write you a poem, submit it online, and pray with all of my might.

Every day the routine starts off the same, as I wake to a clock I can’t see.
I get out of bed (undoubtedly bumping my head and sometimes my elbow or knee!).
I get to the bath and I search with my hands for the green and white magical case.
I fumble around as I feel for the (R), then I unscrew the top from the base.

I force my eye open as tall man pulls down on the delicate skin from below.
Then with pointer, I ever so delicately place the little lens where it should go.
I blink once or twice then squeeze my eyes shut; the tears have started to flow.
But then I remember and it makes me so glad: I only have one more to go!

Now I can function, even get through my day, with vision sufficient to see.
But by 4pm my eyes are so dry that they are really screaming at me.
Take these things OUT, these discs that you say are crucial to see what you do!
They are foreign, they are plastic, they are awful, they suck! I hate them! I hate them! Boo-Hoo!!

So, as soon I am home, out they do come…can’t stand the sandpaper-y feel.
And on go my glasses from 2002…Could I look more outdated? For real!!
Soon my neck pains me from all the positions I achieve to see things low down
Or in the periphery, or up high or near, can’t see there through glasses. So…

Oh, LASIK, sweet LASIK. A miracle you’d be for a mother of two active kids.
In the midst of divorce, when money is scarce; the irony of timing never is!

I’m seeing more clearly inside of myself as I dump a cheat and a fool.
So let me see clearly through my baby blues; let my flutter make other guys drool.

Let me swim with my kids in the great pool of ours, let me open my eyes to play shark;
Let me go for a run, let me go to the beach, let me go to the ball field or park
Without worry of getting some dust in my eye and having it ruin my day
By tearing or losing a contact so dear, having to clean it to get on my way.

I’m losing insurance (courtesy of divorce) and current eye care will be pricey.
So, by-passing contacts and solution each month surely would be extra-nicey!
And to see 20/20 would be nothing short of miraculous, astounding, stupendous!!
And to do so with my eyes without any lenses?? Absolutely tremendous!!

Thank you, Campus Eye Group, for even a chance at having a real dream come true.
Some princesses need to marry prince charming; I need to meet only you!!
Please give me a chance in this contest of yours, check out my eyes and you’ll (SEE)!!
That I am your girl, my eyes are the ones, for whom perfect vision should be!

2011 LASIK contest winners