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Our Doctors

LASIK & Cataract Surgery in New Jersey – Campus Eye Group
Also Serving Bucks County, Mercer County, Middlesex County

Skilled and caring, the Campus Eye Group staff is dedicated to providing you with the best eye care. To learn more about the individual members of our staff, click on the photographs below.

Edward Bruce DiDonatoE. Bruce DiDonato, O.D.
Denise A. AgnessDenise A. Agness, O.D.
Harmon C. SteinHarmon C. Stein, M.D.
David J. LaxDavid J. Lax, O.D.
Joseph F. MussolineJoseph F. Mussoline, M.D.
Vincent F. SardiVincent F. Sardi, M.D.
Katarzyna CiesekKatarzyna Ciesek, O.D.
Ilan CohenIlan Cohen, M.D.
John KungJohn Kung, M.D.
So Kill ChungSo Kill Chung, M.D.
Mitchell B. SosisMitchell B. Sosis, M.D., Ph.D.